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Soltan Banoo Desserts

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-Thin layers of Philo dough with walnuts and pistachios, syrup soaked. $1.50

Rice Pudding (Sholeh Zard) – Jasmine rice slowly cooked with saffron, rose water and almonds. Topped with sprinkles of cinnamon, and pistachio rinds.  $5.95

Persian Ice Cream (Akbar Mashti) –Plain Creamy Ice cream with rose water, pistachios and Saffron. Wrapped in light unsweetened waffles.  $5.95

Chocolate Cake _ Our famous chocolate cake, spongy with icing on top, always fresh and delicious.
Small $3.95  Large $5.95

Rasberry Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream – Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream covered in chocolate with hot berries and pomegranate sauce. $7.95

Ask your server about port.  $5 glass

The combination of these three very small desserts make a perfect authentic ‘Platter’  and go perfectly with the Turkish Coffee.

Persian BaghlavaA thin sheet of pastry dough stuffed with nuts and cardamom and soaked in honey.75¢

GazPersian Nougat made with pistachios and rose water surrounded by flour. 75¢

Turkish Delight - Nougat made with nuts and rose water surrounded by flour. 75¢

Turkish Coffee

Rich, dark  and sweet coffee, in a demitasse slowly cooked over fire. (Also available in Decaf) $3.95




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